Church History 

Fullness of Christ International Evangelical Church is established by Pastor Abrham Yohannes. Pastor Abrham saw a vision that he must ascertain the church. So he did as God told him to do so and the church came to operation on October 13, 2012. Starting from its establishment conferences has been healed every four months and now owns an office and chapel in a medium sized compound.  

Who is Pastor Abrham? 

Pastor Abrham was Catholic before he received Christ as his personal and only savior and soon baptized with the Holy Spirit and Discovered God ministerial calling in his life in 1994. 

With his colleagues who accepted Jesus as their savior just like him then started a fellowship program called Young Catholic Pentecostal. He was ministering there as an evangelist. He then went to different parts of Ethiopia, rural places specially, to spread the Gospel. During his ministry many received Christ as their personal savior. Upon his healing anointing many received healing  

In 1995 God spoke unto him to go to Asmara, Eritrea and implant a church.

As he was told he went there and started with few brothers and sisters who were then university students. By the grace of God the church grew bigger and faster. After some time the Eritrean Government accused the Church because many were attending the program. By then the church has 1000 members. Finally the government forced the church to get closed. Now in Asmara the church is still operating secretively.

After the church got closed, Pastor Abrham then moved to America. He stayed there for five years and was ministering in different churches. He then came to Ethiopia in 2008. 

Ministering in different churches of Ethiopia until 2012, he was then waiting for the right time to establish his church, Fullness of Christ. At last God spoke and his words came to life!